Privacy Policy

“Diplomat Card”S recognizes the importance that must be given to protecting personal data.

Our Privacy Policy applies to all members and visitors. We collect data when you use our services so that we can offer you a personalized and relevant experience, including growing your network and enabling your business opportunities.

The rules outlined below apply to all services offered by “Diplomat Card”S on all the different language versions of the website.

In order to offer the best possible protection of data concerning an identified or identifiable person collected on the website, “Diplomat Card”S applies a strict policy for protecting personal data, including enforcing high security standards for the products and services offered directly on the website.

  1. Gathering your personal data

1.1 The company “Diplomat Card” is responsible for processing the data.

The “Diplomat Card”S website does not ask it’s Users for name-specific registration when they are simply visiting its services.
When browsing the website, certain personal data is automatically generated.
This electronic identification data comprises:

  • connection data: the IP address of the User’s computer, the type and version of browser programmer, the URL address visited and the version consulted;
  • Usage data: keywords types, search (es) carried out, sectors, fields and headings selected.

1.2 Other personal data may be communicated voluntarily by the User to “Diplomat Card”.

These concerns:

  • data used to fill in online forms;
  • data provided to receive alerts;
  • data communicated during online surveys.

1.3 Creating an account and online subscriptions

To create a “Diplomat Card” account, you have to tell us your last name and email address and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use and this Privacy Policy, which governs the way in which we process your personal data.

By providing us with personal data when you create or modify your account and your profile, you expressly and voluntarily agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use and freely consent to our processing of your personal data in compliance with the terms described in this Privacy Policy. Providing us with any information deemed ‘sensitive’ by applicable law is entirely voluntary on your part.

If you have any reservations about providing information to us or having such information displayed on our services or otherwise used in any manner permitted in this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use, you should not become a member and should cease to visit our websites.

1.4 Activity and session information

We may be led to store data concerning your use of our services, such as your searches, the pages you visit, the data and time of your visit and the companies you contact on the “Diplomat Card”S website.

We may also store data concerning your use of our services as provided by your computer or mobile device. This information concerns, for example, your browser language, IP address, mobile operator, unique device identifier and geographical position (including geolocation, beacon location and GPS location), as well as the URLs requested and reference URLs.

You may be able to block our use of certain data using the parameters of your device or browser.

1.5 Communications:

When you sign up for an account or to use certain functions, you choose or agree by default to receive messages from other “Diplomat Card”S users, companies and the “Diplomat Card” site itself.

Members can send requests for information to the companies listed on the site. If you choose to send a request for information using the contact forms on the “Diplomat Card”S website, your personal data, including your email address and any other information you provide, will be visible to the company contacted.

In additional, these messages may be stored, processed or transferred by our servers.

Requests for information made using the “Diplomat Card”S system are available for consultation by the member initially addressed and by our customer service employees, who may communicate information on such requests to members or any other person. When required, we may view messages sent via our platform. We may also occasionally use third-party email servers to send and monitor the reception of messages containing requests for information and analyze the usage patterns provided by third-party monitoring systems.

If you represent a company listed on “Diplomat Card”S, we may contact you, including by telephone or email, using the details that you provide us with, that you make publicly accessible or that we have recorded for your establishment.

  1. Use of your personal data

EUROPAGES does not sell or rent personal data that it collects on website.

2.1 EUROPAGES undertakes to process personal data gathered on website in accordance with the following specific aims:

  • general operation of the website;
  • operation of services for registered or subscribed Users;
  • gathering and transmitting administrative information;
  • compiling statistics on traffic, use and surveys;
  • participation in games and tests;
  • collecting and replying to suggestions or requests for information;
  • communication security;
  • organization of sales canvassing or marketing operations on behalf of “Diplomat Card”S or a third party.

We communicate with you via email and other available means. We may send you emails concerning the availability of services, security and other services-related questions.

We may also send you promotional emails to the email address you have given us.

Communications include:

  1. welcome and other communications explaining how best to use our services and informing you about new functions;
  2. services communications, covering availability, security and other questions concerning how our services work;
  3. promotional communications: emails that may contain promotional information from “Diplomat Card”S or on behalf of our partners.

In any event, “Diplomat Card”S will only use your personal data for canvassing operations or other purposes that have no direct relation with our services in full compliance with legislation in effect with regard to personal data and privacy.

2.2 “Diplomat Card”S keeps connection data (i.e.: data recovered by the User log) for a maximum period of 5 years and does so only for the purposes of compiling statistics.

With regard to data given voluntarily by the User on the website, “Diplomat Card”S keeps these data until deleted by the user.

2.3 Third parties

  1. Advertisers

We may allow third parties to use the cookies on the “Diplomat Card”S website to collect the same type of information as “Diplomat Card”S for the same purposes. Third parties may be able to link the information they collect with other information about you they have obtained from different sources.

Moreover, we may provide third parties with information about you or from you that does not allow you to be identified personally, including data on your position and advertising identifiers, in order to improve the display of targeted advertising. You may be able to limit our communication of this information via the parameters of your mobile device or browser.

  1. Browsing statistics

We may provide third parties with information on users in the form of browsing statistics, including advertisers and content distributors. For example, we may indicate the number of users who have been shown advertisements or clicked on them.

  1. Commercial and statutory data transmission

“Diplomat Card”S reserves the right to disclose the personal data that it collects in the following cases:

  • transmission of certain personal data to trustworthy sub-contractors and partners in order to provide certain functionalities of the website;
  • transmission of requests for information to its commercial partners;

We may be led to communicate information from or about you with subsidiaries, commercial partners or other companies under common control, in which case we will ask them to respect our Privacy Policy:

  • when “Diplomat Card”S has obtained the prior consent of the Users or members concerned;
  • to comply with a legal or statutory obligation.
  1. Companies listed on “Diplomat Card”S

We may communicate information from or about you (such as your first name, last name and email address) and concerning your device or use of our services (for example, companies you visit or contact) with the companies present on “Diplomat Card”S.

Do not forget that companies can see your profile when you contact them and receive information on your visits to their pages. If you visit a company’s page, we may communicate information on your visit, including the date and time of the visit and your first name, last name, email address and company name.

2.4 “Diplomat Card”S reserves the right to contact user companies, those registered in the free listing or members, in order to offer them new products or propose new business offers. If a User does not want to receive these proposals and/or business offers, then that User may unsubscribe via an active link featured in each message.

  1. Security of your personal data

“Diplomat Card”S uses several types of technology to guarantee the security and confidentiality of personal data recorded on its servers.
All data relating to its Users are processed on servers that are protected by firewalls against external intrusions.
Strict rules of access are applied in order to prevent non-authorized access, loss, improper use and modification of the stored personal data.
“Diplomat Card” makes every effort to restrict access to certain information to those people who require it in order to provide the service requested by the User.

  1. Using cookies

Users are informed of the installation of cookies on their browser. The cookie stores all website browsing information. These data are useful in improving the functionality and usability of the site. Refusal of use may hinder optimal navigation on the site. EUROPAGES informs users of their right to oppose the registration of cookies by disabling this feature on their browser. For more information, users should use the following link to visit the page that describes “Diplomat Card”S cookies policy: LINK TO COOKIS

  1. Unsubscribing – Contacts

5.1 A company whose details are given in the free listing section of the Directory has the right to access, rectify and delete its data according to the conditions described in Clause 4.4 below.

5.2 Any User of the website may object to the processing of their personal data

If a User receives an e-mail or letter that they do not wish to receive, they may:

  • either request that they no longer receive messages by clicking on the link “I no longer wish to receive e-mails” provided for this purpose in the message;
  • or contact “Diplomat Card”S as indicated in Clause 5.4 below.

5.3 Any registered or subscribed company benefits from direct online access to all the personal data that has been gathered concerning them.

Such a company may, at any time, have access to the information given during their registration or subscription by logging onto myEUROPAGES.

5.4 Any User of the website and any company registered in the free listing or a member that wishes to contact “Diplomat Card”S pursuant to their rights mentioned in this Article may do so by:



  1. Application of these rules – Assignment of jurisdiction

6.1 “Diplomat Card”S personal data protection policy does not apply to:

  • websites independent from the website that have established a hyperlink or search block directing Users to service offers;
  • websites working in partnership with that have integrated one of the services on their website (co-branding);
  • websites working in partnership with that are accessible through integration in one of the offered services (co-branded websites);
  • websites belonging to “Diplomat Card”S commercial partners.

“Diplomat Card” therefore advises its Users to consult the data protection policies applied by these different websites.

6.2 In the event of any major difficulty or dispute with “Diplomat Card”S, the parties agree to seek an amicable solution.

Failing this, the Commercial Court of Nanterre shall be granted jurisdiction.
These terms and conditions of use are governed by UKRAINIAN law.
The French version shall prevail over any translation that may have been made of these terms and conditions of use.